Out of the Closet

“Out of the Closet”, acrylic on canvas, self made frame, applied leather with vintage plastic jewels and zipper, 50″h x  43″w.

Here the all to obvious nowadays, and by its title “Out of the Closet”, remains in its spirit, the mantra for all those who felt shackled by their innate sexuality to finally reveal who they were.

It was both a logical and symbolic choice for me and a way to express my support for all those friends, family and individuals who finally could begin to express who they were.
But still, even today, many out of the closet gays face retribution of physical attack just for who they are.

This is jacket, a 1940′s motorcycle jacket, which pre-dates the classic collar up black motorcycle, is rendered with acrylic paint. Once again it was my intention to accomplish with the same degree of proficiency another painting medium. The now go to material of most contemporary painters. I think like all the other mediums I use, that the end result I sought was accomplished.

At times all of the mediums are challenging to get comfortable with, and to create the effect I want, is the additional challenge. To a certain extent they are as different for a painter as stone is from wood for a sculptor. However, I feel compelled and as if it is my obligation to keep this challenge alive and be competent in any and all mediums and materials.